Vegan Substitute for Meat

Due to its high-quality plant protein and its emulsifying capacities Heliaflor® can be used as ingredient in meat substitutes as vegan and vegetarian sausages, burgers, nuggets or schnitzel. Sunflower protein can be used as a basic ingredient in mixture or as a technological addition for stabilization. Depending on objective quantities up to 20 % Heliaflor® in recipes are possible.

Basically both types of Heliaflor® are suitable for this application field. Heliaflor® 45 provides a more spicy taste than Heliaflor® 55. Heliaflor® 55 is more suitable for products which original taste should be better appreciated.

Use of Heliaflor® as basic ingredient in vegan sausages

Content in the finished product: 15 to 20 %

Due to its excellent fat and water binding properties and its slightly spicy taste Heliaflor® can be used as protein content in vegan and vegetarian substitutes for meat like vegan sausages. The stabilizing and emulsifying effect of Heliaflor® positively influences consistency of finished product.
Under category “Recipes” you can find a recipe for vegan sausages. Besides Heliaflor® the mixture contains water, boiled chickpeas, several spices and carob gum as a thickener. Of course you can vary the used spices according to desired flavor. Dried herbs and tomatoes, olives or finely grated vegetables, e.g. carrots, can also be used as ingredients.


Use of Heliaflor® as stabilizer

Content in the finished product: ca. 2 %

In the production of vegan burgers which are based on legumes and vegetables Heliaflor® can be used as a stabilizer, e.g. to replace eggs. Typical ingredients for meatless burgers (soy, legumes,vegetables) are characterized by their low fat content. Therefore tasteless plant oil should be added to enrich mixture and to avoid dryness. Furthermore basic mixture should be soaked for a few minutes so Heliaflor® can develop its stabilizing properties.