Egg-free mayonnaise and salad dressings

Content in the finished product: 2 – 5 %

Due to its specific protein structure Heliaflor® shows excellent emulsifying properties. Therefore Heliaflor® is very well suited for processing of mayonnaise and dressings. The special thing about it is that eggs can be replaced and finished product is a vegan mayonnaise. Furthermore fat content in product can be minimized because no additional fat component is used. Mayonnaise and dressings with Heliaflor® barely differ from products without Heliaflor® in recipe.

Heliaflor® 55 is more appropriate for use in vegan mayonnaise or dressings due to its fine texture, neutral taste, excellent fat binding and a maximal fat content of 2 %.

In mayonnaise and dressings Heliaflor® increases viscosity, acts as stabilizer and improves consistency. Sunflower protein acts as a typical emulsifier. Due to its excellent fat and water binding properties all components in recipe stick together.

Heliaflor® can replace other thickeners partially or completely. The higher the used amount of Heliaflor® in recipe, the thicker is consistency of finished product. Amount of sunflower protein in dressings should be less than amount in mayonnaise.

We recommend addition of a little lemon juice or vinegar to recipe because optimal effect of Heliaflor® is in slightly acidic area. Under “Recipes” you can find a basic recipe for vegan mayonnaise. Quantity of Heliaflor® 55 is 4 %. With a reduced amount of sunflower protein or rather an increased liquid portion finished product is more like a salad dressing. This basic recipe can be varied by adding several spices, herbs or other flavoring components. With a little bit of garlic finished product is a vegan aioli. With fresh herbs you can achieve an herb mayonnaise or dressing.