Sauces and Dips

Heliaflor® can be used like a roux to thicken sauces. Content varies according to how thick and creamy the sauce should be. The sunflower protein doesn’t thicken the sauce as strongly as starch. Instead it helps to combine water and oil to achieve a creamy consistency. For this purpose a small amount of Heliaflor® 55 can be added e.g. in a curry or pan dish Furthermore we recommend addition of a little vinegar or lemon juice as Heliaflor® has an optimal effect in slightly acidic area and colouring is steady.

Heliaflor® can also be used as base for dips. Depending on how spreadable the dip should be a varying amount of Heliaflor® can be used. Sunflower protein should be added together with oil to water or other liquid component. The ingredients should be mixed well to achieve a stable emulsion as basis for the dip. Adding vinegar or lemon juice will increase the dip’s shelf life. Finally the dip can be spiced and refined depending on the desired flavor.