Vegetable Proteins and Raw Food

During production of our sunflower protein Heliaflor® temperatures of up to 65°C are reached. The production process is a special temperature controlled method that conserves the product’s characteristics and only uses energy from friction, already present in the system. Nearly all the precious substances contained in the product are preserved. Heliaflor® therefore is a suitable value added ingredient to enrich raw food recipes with beneficial protein, B-vitamins (especially folic acid), minerals and secondary plant substances. This separates Heliaflor®, along with our other plant proteins, from conventional protein products.

Furthermore, the functional attributes, especially those of Heliaflor® sunflower protein, are defined by the gentle production process. The native protein structure influences the emulsifying as well as fat- and water binding capabilities which causes the sunflower protein to be very versatile in its applications. If too much heat were used and subsequently the protein was denaturated, a defacto destruction of the natural structure of the protein, the creation of a stable vegan mayonnaise would be hard to achieve. The native proteins are largely responsible for the emulsifying attributes.

All of our plant proteins are gently processed and perfect for enriching raw food recipes.
There are variations in the manufacturing process specific to each protein.