All Organic Trading GmbH launch interregional research with Metzler Käse Molke GmbH

by Holger Neuner

In September 2015 we from All Organic Trading GmbH have started a research project for plant proteins in cooperation with Metzler Käse und Molke GmbH from Egg in Vorarlberg Austria. Together with our partners we explore possibilities to gain, process and use proteins from sunflowers, pumpkins and regional alpine plants in a natural way.
The project titled Phytamin is funded to 75 % and a total budget of 525,000 € by the European Fond for regional development (EFRE) via the Austria-Bavaria- Program 2014-2020.

Research Idea

Manuel und Lukas Metzler mit Fabian Breisinger in der Versuchsküche der All Organic Trading

The idea for the research originated in the Cradle to Cradle thoughts of All Organic Trading GmbH. As manufacturer of cold pressed oils we are concerned with the issue to make use of the other valuable ingredients of the plant besides the high-grade oils. After the extraction of fat there still remains a high amount of protein as well as a broad and valuable spectrum of amino acids. We realized that these ingredients are worth further research. After half a year of research work we have already come to the conclusion to focus on the production of protein from plants like the sunflower.

Interregional Cooperation

From begin of the research project it became clear that plant proteins processed to semi-finished products make an interesting driver of innovation for the food industry. With the family Metzler we found a reliable partner who is able to work and experiment with our products and research results. In the family enterprise in Vorarlberg our products are tested on applicability in the final product. Metzler Käse Molke GmbH operates in the food sector and in the cosmetic field as producer and vendor.  Thus they can provide the opportunity to evaluate the production technologies as well as customer reactions to our innovations.

Kick Off on the Farmyard

All the participants in the project met on the farm of family Metzler for a festive opening and an outlook to three years of research work. Against the idyllic backdrop of the Bregenzer Forest the starting signal for the proteins was given and a common foundation for the cooperation created. The day was completed by a tour through goat pen and cow barn, inspection of cheese and cosmetic production sites and tasting of the farm’s own cheese varieties.


Pflanzliche Proteine – Das Sortiment auf der Biofach

Over the next three years the research will intensively focus. While in the first year various research and development directions are probed, the second year will be devoted to specialization in one or several semi-finished products. In the third year the results shall be concretized and brought to market maturity. After three years the work shall result in a complete marketable range of plant proteins.

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