Heliaflor® Sunflower Protein is produced from 100 % organic sunflower seeds, and stands out as a high quality and clean label ingredient in pasta. Due to its fat and water binding properties, it is perfectly suited for the manufacturing of pasta and presents an alternative to classic grain derived flours.

Heliflor® is rich in protein and dietary fiber, low carb and gluten free. Adding Heliaflor® yields pasta with a higher protein and reduced carbohydrate content.

Recommended quantity is 30 % Heliaflor® 45. The sunflower protein is easy to incorporate with the flour into dough, and further into pasta according to your usual process. The result is a homogeneous dough which incorporates quality protein and valuable ingredients such as B-Vitamins and folic acid. The naturally contained glutamic acid provides a delicate savory taste, which can be further complimented by adding natural flavors of choice.

Our customer Burk’s Nudeln produces a delicious version of low carb pasta rich in protein. Werner Burk, production manager of Burk’s Nudeln, shows unlimited creativity with the formulations of his pasta. He created tasty low carb pasta with sunflower protein, Hokkaido or beetroot.

Heliaflor Pasta