Heliaflor® Schnetzel

Vegetarian diet is enriched by this product innovation! The organic plant protein extrudate produced from 100 % sunflower protein excels by its aromatic nutty taste. Its form and texture provide an ideal meat substitute for Bolognese, Lasagne or Chili sin Carne.

For the production of Heliaflor® Schnetzel, organic sunflower protein, Heliaflor® Extrufix D, is mixed with water to create a doughy mass.

This mass is heated in an extruder and pushed under high pressure through a tube. When exiting the tube, the heated sunflower protein mass expands („pops“), resulting in its characteristic shape.

Our sunflower protein extrudate can be used wet or dry, offering many application possibilities in a wholeseome yet meat-free kitchen.

The Heliaflor® Schnetzel in dry form can be used as an ingredient for the production of spicy protein-rich bars.

For the preparation of a vegan meat substitute, briefly soak Heliaflor® Crisps Schnetzel in lukewarm water or vegetable broth. Drain the wet crisps in a strainer before further use.

100g (3.5oz) Heliaflor® Schnetzel combines with ca. 250g (8.8oz) water. 40g (1.4oz) Heliaflor® Crisps Schnetzel can therefore replace 150g (5.3oz) ground meat.

Our Heliaflor® Schnetzel have advantages over meat that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. Dishes with Heliaflor® Schnetzel have less calories, less fat and most of all are free from cholesterol. The protein content of this meat-free product cannot be overlooked: 350g (12.3oz) organic ground beef contains on average 70g (2.4oz) protein. The protein content is 51g (1.8oz) when substituted with 100g (3.5oz) Heliaflor® Crisps Schnetzel! The pure herbal meat substitute provides a significant contribution to the daily protein supply.

Special features at a glance:

  • High-quality meat substitute
  • Ingredient for aromatic high-protein bars and snacks
  • High-protein filler for organic meat products
  • 100 % Sunflower protein
  • High protein content of at least 51 %
  • Fewer calories than meat, almost nonfat, free of cholesterol
  • Enrichment of vegetarian diet
  • Contribution to a healthy and balanced diet


Charakteristic of Heliaflor® Schnetzel

  Heliaflor® Schnetzel
Production Produced from 100 % Sunflower protein Heliaflor® Extrufix D
Dry extrusion
Sensors light brown, fine-pored, round to oval dried extrudate
Nutty aromatic taste and smell
Nutritional values Calorific value ca. 305 kcal / ca. 1300 kJ
Fat max. ca. 2 g
Hereof saturated fatty acids ca 0,5 g
Carbohydrates ca 9 g
Hereof sugar ca 5 g
Dietary fibres ca 20 g
High protein content min. 51 g
Salt max. 0,05 g
Physical Properties Water binding properties > 250 %
100 g Schnetzel absorb min. 250 g of water
Bulk density 150 – 190 g/l
Application Minced meat substitute in vegan dishes
Protein enrichment