Heliaflor® Cereal Pur

Our Heliaflor® Cereal Pur are exceptional! This product is an absolute innovation produced from 75 % sunflower protein and 25 % rice flour. Beside a slightly nutty aroma it is complemented by a sweet flavor. This makes Heliaflor® Crisps Cereals an ideal ingredient for cereals and snacks. The perfect healthy and high protein snack for in between.

Heliaflor® Cereals are produced by mixing Heliaflor® Extrufix D, riceflower and water
into a doughy mass. The mass is then heated up in an extruder and conveyed through a transportation tube under high pressure. When the mass comes out of the tube an expansion (puffing) occurs and results in the characteristic shape.

Heliaflor® Cereals are the perfect ingredient for breakfast cereals. The muesli for breakfast is not only enriched with high quality protein but also extra crispy. The special structure prevents them from soaking immediately and preserves the crunchiness for up to ten minutes. Thus the morning muesli can be calmly enjoyed.

The cereals are also ideal for making healthy and delicious bars and snacks. Mixed with chocolate coating, coconut fat, different nuts, seeds and dried fruits and formed into balls or bars they provide high-value nourishment for in-between meals.

Up to 50 g of Heliaflor® Cereals can be used as a main ingredient for a muesli. This amount corresponds to protein enrichment of about 20 g of protein.

Special features at a glance

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Ingredient for sweet high-protein bars and snacks
  • Protein enrichment
  • 75 % organic sunflower protein + 25 % organic rice flour
  • High protein content of min. 40 %
  • Crunchy in liquid for up to 10 min.
  • Enrichment of vegetarian and vegan diet
  • Contribution to a healthy and balanced diet


Charakteristic of Heliaflor® Cereal Pur

  Heliaflor® Cereal Pur
Production Production from 75 % Sunflower protein Heliaflor® Extrufix D
and 25 % rice flour Dry extrusion
Sensors Grey-brown crunchy square to oval dried extrudate
Nutty-sweet taste and smell
Nutritional values Calorific value ca. 326 kcal / ca. 1374 kJ
Fat max. 1 - 4 g
Hereof saturated fatty acids ca 0,7 g
Carbohydrates ca 24 - 27 g
Hereof sugar ca 4 - 6 g
Dietary fibres ca 15 - 18 g
High protein content min. 40 g
Salt max. 0,01 g
Physical Properties Remains crunchy in liquid for up to 10 min without soaking
Bulk density 200 - 230 g/l
Application Breakfast cereals and snacks
Protein enrichment