In vegan dressings Heliaflor® can be used because of its emulsifying and binding capacities. From the start we have been working with manufacturers on the development of Heliaflor®
to ensure these functional properties. In addition to this we tested these properties and defined them scientifically at the University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen.

The results are a number of recipes that Heliaflor® is particularly suitable for. The recipes can
be easily made using a Thermomix® or other food processor. The support of tangy flavors through Heliaflor® can be shown in dressings.
For preparation of a vegan dressings Heliaflor® is very suitable because of its fine structure, good fat binding capacity and neutral taste.

Water 150 ml
Sunflower oil 71 g
Sugar 28 g
Mustard 20 g
Heliaflor® 55 11,5 g
Potato flour 8,5 g
Vinegar 6 g
Locust bean gum 1,5 g
  • Give water, locust bean gum, potato flour, vinegar, sugar and al little bit of salt in a blender, e.g. Thermomix, and mix for 3 minutes with 50° C on level 4.
  • Add mustard and Heliaflor® 55 and blend it for a further minute with 50° C on level 5.
  • Add at least oil and mix it for 1 minute with 60° C on level 7.


For a better creaminess of dressing Heliaflor® can be presoaked before further preparation
in lukewarm water for ca. 15 minutes. Therefore ca. 1/3 of water in recipe can be used.
Due to used amount of Heliaflor® 55 (2 to 5 %) consistency of finished product can
be influenced. The higher content of Heliaflor® the thicker the product. With an amount of
2 % a dressing can be achieved, with an amount of 5 % product is similar to a firm mayonnaise.
Addition of vinegar or lemon juice is necessary for sunflower protein to develop its
best technological effects.

This basic recipe can be varied by adding several spices, herbs or other flavoring components. With a little bit of garlic finished product is a vegan aioli. With fresh and regional herbs you can achieve an herb mayonnaise or dressing.