Dietary Supplements

The term dietary supplement describes food that enriches the daily diet with additional nutrients. These can be macronutrients as protein and fat or micronutrients as vitamins and minerals. All these ingredients are not given by a pill but rather by a high quality food.

Heliaflor®, especially Heliaflor® 55, is characterized by its high protein content. As a supplier of high-quality native protein and of all essential amino acids Heliaflor® can be added to sauces, shakes or cereals. Thereby enrichment with fiber is also possible.

Sunflower protein contains valuable B-vitamins, especially folic acid. Heliaflor® supplies e.g. pregnant women, vegetarians and vegans with this vitamin. Furthermore high-quality polyphenols have a positive effect on health.

For daily consumption we recommend two to five spoons (10 to 25 g) of Heliaflor® mixed with at least 200 ml of liquid or added in shakes, sauces or one of our recipes.