Heliaflor® is a trademark by All Organic Treasures GmbH and Kramerbräu Seeds and Oils GmbH. In 2012 we began with the development of Heliaflor®. In cooperation with universities we have been steadily evolving the product.

Kramerbräu is responsible for the raw material sunflower seeds and the processing to the raw product sunflower presscake. The product is CO2-extracted by Nateco2 GmbH & Co KG (inter step only for production of Heliaflor® 55), finely grinded and refined and merchandised by All Organic Trading.

We trade, process and accompany many of our products from plant to high quality protein. Holistic value creation to us means trading according to values of organic agriculture and with fair raw material prices. This way we can offer natural premium quality and also ensure good availability for the customer.

By staying close to the customer, supplier and processer we can continuously improve products, prices and quality and react to your needs.

We are a young company with a high value on service for our customers and suppliers. We are a link between agriculture and customer and standardize and create value creation chains from product idea to quality control to final product.

We keep a close relationship with our suppliers that form the base for good quality for us. In cooperation with the certification bodies the adherence to organic quality is guaranteed and we put a lot of commitment into working with our suppliers.

Our goals will stay to deliver high quality products to our customers and to be a reliable partner to our suppliers.